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Qigong is kinda like the grandparent of all the other Chinese medicines. And an old, esteemed member of the Subtle Energies family; it’s been around for thousands of years.

The simplest way of understanding Qigong is that they’re movements done in time with your breathe to enhance your energy.  Sometimes the movements are so subtle it seems like you’re not moving at all.

I give all my clients non-moving qigong (aka visualisations) when they’re on the table.  This helps to connect the mind with what the body is experiencing, deepening or strengthening the influence.  They can then practice these in their own time, to their own benefit.

We can also do standing qigong which you can go and practice at home, too.  This is more for those that are very committed and interested in improving their health themselves.  Call it homework, or something.

Every Friday at 1pm there is a Qigong class, and every couple of months there is a Reiki and Qigong workshop.


“I’ve been exploring and playing with healing for around 15 years or so, and although my main honourific is “Acupuncturist,” I merge together a variety of modalities to help people heal.  They’re all energetic-based, they’re all body-engagement based.

What started me off initially was an interest in Qi.  Energy.  This led me into Daoism and Zen philosophies, which led me to the school of Acupuncture, where I trained in Qigong, Acupuncture, and Tuina (Chinese medical massage).

I incorporate some Reiki, and also explore the use of crystals, plants, ancestors and spirits, and Meditation/Visualization in healing work.  Oh!  And sometimes Tibetan Singing Bowls, too!

My latest exploration has been through the lens of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which I have found to significantly enhance all the other facets of the eclectic healing menagerie that is my medicine bag.

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