Chinese Medicine

It’s one of the oldest medicines in the world, so obviously it works.  In that time, it has branched and deepened.  it’s a lot more powerful and profound than what our society seems to realise, and can help resolve effectively any health issue anyone may have.

A bold claim!  Happily, we are able to validate this ourselves by our own pragmatic exploration and experimentation.

The arms of this medicine octopus was intiated by Qigong; by the observation of the rhymthic, cyclical nature of… of nature, and then explored by replication within ones own system.

The other arms, respectively, are AcupunctureTuina Massage, and Herbal (which I don’t practice).  They all interweave together, and have their own specialities of focus and application. Cuppingand Moxibustion are in there somewhere, too, and perhaps can’t be categorized within any other… categories.

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