Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy

This is such a soft and subtle therapy, very gentle and graceful.

There is a spectrum of craniosacral therapies, from physical through to energetic, and the Biodynamic approach seems to be among the softest.

Most therapies (including the others I practice) make a diagnosis based on theories and filtered through the consciousness of the practitioner, and then apply a particular improvement-generator such as needles, massage, herbs, homeopathy, diet, etc, with an intent to fix or heal.

In this therapy we sit with awareness and observe what the body says and does when it’s given the space and quiet to do so.  We orient the experience to healing, love, support, etc, and assist the body to “remember its blueprint,” so to speak.

We follow and augment the bodys own innate health initiative or orientation.  When assisted appropriately, the body is able to organise it’s own way to ever-improving health, by following it’s own healing agenda.

This feels like such a respectful therapy to me, in that we’re validating how we are doing in any given moment.  Very mindful, and neutral.  Equanimity opens the heart to compassion which enables healing energy to be present.

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