The needles don’t hurt, as most people are pleasantly surprised to find out.  It’s actually rather pleasant, more so than what most people expect.  Everyone pretty much gets real relaxed, too.

Yes, the acupuncture is ACC-claimable.

If you’re wondering, “does it treat my xyz…?…”  the answer, more than likely, is “more than likely.”  Of course, this depends on you and what else is happening in your life, etc.

The short story is, the tiny needles are popped in to various places to help your body improve itself.  There’s lots of theories about how and why etc, but at the end of the day, it’s worked for thousands of years on pretty much anyone who’s used it for pretty much anything.

We don’t even need to use the needles.  Any acupuncturist who is worth their salt can influence your body without needing to pop them in.  Because it’s actually about being able to notice and dance with subtleties of energetic shapes, movements and transformations (but in this we’re starting to get a bit refined (/geeky) about the esoterica of this art-medicine, which I’m happy to get into with you, if you’re interested).  The needles can help us touch the subtle energies that influence the physical.

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