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Welcome To Harmonious Health

You’ve found your way to a place that specialises in helping you feel better in a peaceful and pleasant way.

All the medicine on offer here is gentle and comfortable.  We can call it energetic medicine, perhaps, or subtle medicine.  It can be very deep and transformative.  It’ll most likely help you feel better, and you’ll most likely enjoy the process, too.

We use healing methods such as AcupunctureCranioSacral TherapyCrystalsCuppingMassageMoxaQigongReiki, Smudging and Sound).  We also have a Flotation Tank on-site, too.

As well as helping heal that xyz that’s causing you to suffer, you’ll find that other bits n pieces improve, too.  A general, all-round sense of improved well-being is experienced by the majority of people who sample this medicine.

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Todd W. Stewart

“I’ve been exploring and playing with healing for around 15 years or so, and although my main honourific is “Acupuncturist,” I merge together a variety of modalities to help people heal.  They’re all energetic-based, they’re all body-engagement based.

What started me off initially was an interest in Qi.  Energy.  This led me into Daoism and Zen philosophies, which led me to the school of Acupuncture, where I trained in QigongAcupuncture, and Tuina (Chinese medical massage).

I incorporate some Reiki, and also explore the use of crystals, plants, ancestors and spirits, and Meditation/Visualization in healing work.  Oh!  And sometimes Tibetan Singing Bowls, too!

My latest exploration has been through the lens of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which I have found to significantly enhance all the other facets of the eclectic healing menagerie that is my medicine bag.


Now, it doesn’t really matter what the health issue is called.  What’s more important is your experience of it.  That’s what I work with.

You…  and your story.

 The name of the thing gets in the way, actually.  You’re not your diagnosis or your prognosis.  You’re you, and look, your body is always trying it’s best to be healthy, and to get healthier.  I assist that.

Here are some of the ways I do that.  You can have all, any, one or none of them, if you like.  You can tell me to change things up and stop and start and so on.  I can recommend best potential treatment but ultimately you’re in charge.

Acupuncture 2018-10-31T20:47:31+00:00

The needles don’t hurt, as most people are pleasantly surprised to find out.  It’s actually rather pleasant, more so than what most people expect.  Everyone pretty much gets real relaxed, too.

Yes, the acupuncture is ACC-claimable.

If you’re wondering, “does it treat my xyz…?…”  the answer, more than likely, is “more than likely.”  Of course, this depends on you and what else is happening in your life, etc.

The short story is, the tiny needles are popped in to various places to help your body improve itself.  There’s lots of theories about how and why etc, but at the end of the day, it’s worked for thousands of years on pretty much anyone who’s used it for pretty much anything.

We don’t even need to use the needles.  Any acupuncturist who is worth their salt can influence your body without needing to pop them in.  Because it’s actually about being able to notice and dance with subtleties of energetic shapes, movements and transformations (but in this we’re starting to get a bit refined (/geeky) about the esoterica of this art-medicine, which I’m happy to get into with you, if you’re interested).  The needles can help us touch the subtle energies that influence the physical.

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy 2018-07-22T23:51:34+00:00

This is such a soft and subtle therapy, very gentle and graceful.

There is a spectrum of craniosacral therapies, from physical through to energetic, and the Biodynamic approach seems to be among the softest.

Most therapies (including the others I practice) make a diagnosis based on theories and filtered through the consciousness of the practitioner, and then apply a particular improvement-generator such as needles, massage, herbs, homeopathy, diet, etc, with an intent to fix or heal.

In this therapy we sit with awareness and observe what the body says and does when it’s given the space and quiet to do so.  We orient the experience to healing, love, support, etc, and assist the body to “remember its blueprint,” so to speak.

We follow and augment the bodys own innate health initiative or orientation.  When assisted appropriately, the body is able to organise it’s own way to ever-improving health, by following it’s own healing agenda.

This feels like such a respectful therapy to me, in that we’re validating how we are doing in any given moment.  Very mindful, and neutral.  Equanimity opens the heart to compassion which enables healing energy to be present.

Chinese Medicine 2018-07-22T23:55:41+00:00

It’s one of the oldest medicines in the world, so obviously it works.  In that time, it has branched and deepened.  it’s a lot more powerful and profound than what our society seems to realise, and can help resolve effectively any health issue anyone may have.

A bold claim!  Happily, we are able to validate this ourselves by our own pragmatic exploration and experimentation.

The arms of this medicine octopus was intiated by Qigong; by the observation of the rhymthic, cyclical nature of… of nature, and then explored by replication within ones own system.

The other arms, respectively, are AcupunctureTuina Massage, and Herbal (which I don’t practice).  They all interweave together, and have their own specialities of focus and application. Cuppingand Moxibustion are in there somewhere, too, and perhaps can’t be categorized within any other… categories.

Crystal Therapy 2018-07-22T23:55:46+00:00

Crystals are pretty high frequency creatures.  My understanding is that they are alive, and conscious, and we can tune in with them if we know how.

Even if you don’t know how, I do, and I place key ones on you or around you when you’re lying on the table.  They’re an integral component of my medicine, actually.

Check it out, they come from within the earth, so are very grounding, stabilising, and anchoring.  This deliciously balances their high frequency, which enables us, as conscious beings, to soften our shape and let ourselves drift out into the Subtle Realms, and gather good medicine.

You see?  They help get us out there, and also ensure we have a strong anchor, and umbilical cord back to the human part of our existence.

Of course you can bring your own crystals along, too!  What a great question.

Cupping Therapy 2018-07-22T23:55:51+00:00

These are real interesting to experience!  They do good, deep work, quickly.  They can feel very strong.

They leave octopus hickies on your skin, which are indicative of the stuck blood deep down in the tissues being pulled to the surface to be taken away and “eaten” by the body.  This means there is room for fresh blood and nutrients to arrive there and help fix it.

Cups are great for musculo-skeletal conditions as well as helping with respiratory and digestive concerns.  Highly recommended.

Flotation Tank 2018-07-22T23:56:24+00:00

So much could be said about the Flotation Tank, but ultimately you’ll understand it for yourself by doing it yourself.

Easy benefits to experience include Relaxation and Easing of Pain. So it’s good for people who experience stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or worry. Also for people who have any sorts of aches or pains (you name it, it can be eased).

The Tank is like this. When we’re inside, we cannot see, cannot hear and cannot feel (essentially). It’s also called Sensory Deprivation. By reducing the majority of physiological stimulation, we more easily notice our thoughts and emotions. We notice more who we are, and what makes us so.

I could elaborate further, but it gets a bit esoteric and so on; better IRL if you’re also interested in how it relates to consciousness and so on…

We can sort stuff out in there, gain insights and clarity, plot courses of action, Dream, and so on.

It’s very good medicine. Very high, very gentle.

Massage 2018-07-22T23:58:38+00:00

I’m rather gentle with my massage, although I’ve not yet met someone who has said, “deeper,” when I give deep tissue massage, so I figure I can be pretty strong too, when necessary.

Just quietly, though, I think strong massage can be more harmful than helpful.  We can get more bees with honey than with vinegar, that sort of thing.

So I lull your body into relaxing it’s concerns away.

I also work with the acupuncture points and channels when massaging (as well as massaging the points and channels when doing acupuncture!).

Inevitably there’s some Reiki, Qigong, and CranioSacral woven in there, too.  It’s pretty hard not to.  And why would you want to, anyway?  🙂

Meditation + Visualisation 2018-07-22T23:59:30+00:00

Meditation and Visualization techniques or foci are most often used concurrently and in conjunction with any of the other therapies being offered or provided. They are individual-specific, to deepen resonance between the body and mind in relation to the focus of that particular person/session.

Exploring them slows us down into the present moment, while simultaneously expanding and deepening our sense of self.  They wave our brain out of beta and into yummier frequencies where we’re more relaxed and things are nicer and easier.

We become more empowered into being a more-active participant in our own healing journey.    They are something you can then do at home.

Some people have subsequently reported that “when doing the visualization later at home, I felt some of the points that were needled turn on again, like the treatment had resumed…

Moxibustion 2018-07-23T00:01:18+00:00

Moxibustion is the (usually) indirect application of heat via a stick of smouldering herbs.  The herbs used have particular qualities, which are activated (or sped up) by the heat, which then travels into your energetic field, and body, and into your tissues, warming them up, sending messages to the organs and brain to improve functioning, which they then do.

It’s yummy.  it turns breech babies, improves circulation, eases aches n pains, nourishes blood…  And other stuff, too.

Moxibustion is the (usually) indirect application of heat via a stick of smouldering herbs.  The herbs used have particular qualities, which are activated (or sped up) by the heat, which then travels into your energetic field, and body, and into your tissues, warming them up, sending messages to the organs and brain to improve functioning, which they then do.

It’s yummy.  it turns breech babies, improves circulation, eases aches n pains, nourishes blood…  And other stuff, too.

Qigong 2018-07-23T00:01:55+00:00

Qigong is kinda like the grandparent of all the other Chinese medicines. And an old, esteemed member of the Subtle Energiesfamily; it’s been around for thousands of years.

The simplest way of understanding Qigong is that they’re movements done in time with your breathe to enhance your energy.  Sometimes the movements are so subtle it seems like you’re not moving at all.

I give all my clients non-moving qigong (aka visualisations) when they’re on the table.  This helps to connect the mind with what the body is experiencing, deepening or strengthening the influence.  They can then practice these in their own time, to their own benefit.

We can also do standing qigong which you can go and practice at home, too.  This is more for those that are very committed and interested in improving their health themselves.  Call it homework, or something.

Every Friday at 1pm there is a Qigong class, and every couple of months there is a Reiki and Qigong workshop.

Reiki 2018-07-23T00:03:09+00:00

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Energy.  That’s a ferociously huge topic!  So let’s keep it simple.

All these enegy-work type of hands-on (or hands-floating) and body-therapies and playing with the same energies, just from different angles and with different shapes and textures.  The start and finish of it all is that they all tap in to lifeforce.  That which enlivens, and gives distinction to the difference between alive and dead.  Get more of that lifeforce into you, get healthier!

Some methods are complicated, can hurt, and are expensive.  Reiki is none of those.  In Reiki we sit with a particular orientation or focus and use particular symbols (runes, or sigils, etc) that have a definitive reason or purpose or action which unfolds into and changes those participating in thehealing session.

It is something that can be used individually as well as in a partnership healing session (or group sessions).

Every couple of months we have a Reiki workshop and every Friday at 1pm there is a Qigong class, as well.

Sound Therapy 2018-07-23T00:04:12+00:00

Watch this space!


We encourage people to intend on receiving three sessions spaced either weekly or fortnightly apart to begin with, as we’ve found that this has enabled more than 95% of people to find a satisfactory improvement in their condition.

A one hour session costs $100, additional half hours are $40.

This price is reduced to $40 for ACC claimants.

We further subsidise at our discretion, depending upon each persons unique situation.

Some people choose to pay for three sessions up front, and receive their fourth session for free.

We also overlap with Float Kapiti in providing a Double Medicine Deal, where you get to enjoy the benefits of both the Medicine Room and the Float Tank. An hour in each costs $150 (usually $180). Again, additional time with either medicine will yield further discount.


Email: todd@harmonioushealth.co.nz

Phone: 027 3050 696

Harmonious Health, 1 Manawa Ave

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