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Qigong + Acupuncture Workshop

Saturday 01 April 2017, 9.30am – 4.30pm.

CPD 6 Hours.


This is a dynamic and softly energetic workshop designed to enhance our ability to notice Qi in a variety of shapes and ways.  We explore qigong and acupuncture experientially, we feel our way into the Qi dance, we discuss and explore theory and imagery of the subtler layers of our medicine-art-science.

In Qigong, we:

– Generate and deepen Sacred Space.
– Deepen our awareness of our individual and group Qi field.
– Open into our own Centre, Dumai/RenMai, + Dantians.
– Orient our intention with fulcrums of orientation such as “Up,” “Love,” “Settling,” “Health,” etc.
– Explore our own energetic anatomy (points, channels, chakras, dantiens, etc) through guided visualisation and imagery.
– Extend our energy field to connect with various nature energy fields such as Earth, Water, Air and Fire Qi.  The Qi of Trees, Lakes, Valleys, Clouds or Islands.  Etc, and then…
– Breathe with these Macro Qi bodies, so we may move their essence or quality through us and into our clients.

In Acupuncture, we:

– Engage with the Qi field of our self, the medicine room, and the client, before making physical contact.
– Feel the Qi in the channels, dantians, and points, and notice which of these call us to touch and perhaps needle them.
– Fill the needle with Qi before insertion, and breathe Qi through us and the needle to activate the point, channel, and organ etc.
– Generate Qi needles to insert instead of alloy needles.

Relevant Information:

– Who:  Todd W. Stewart.
– Contact:  todd@harmonioushealth.co.nz
– 027 3050 696
– When: 930am – 430pm, Saturday 01 April 2017.
– Where:  Harmonious Health, 1 Manawa Ave, Raumati Beach, Kapiti 5032.
– Value: $120.
– CPD: 6 Hours (valid 01/04/2015 – 31/03/2017).
– Bring: A Shared Lunch.

In exploring the weaving of Qigong with Acupuncture we see expressed a medicine that is engaged with primarily from a heart-centric orientation, rather than mind-centric.  Leading with the heart, we Feel into the medicine dance, and confirm in the background with our mentally-oriented theories.  As having two ears and one mouth, we listen twice as much as speak.  We listen to the whole body system of the client before applying the medicine.