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We encourage people to intend on receiving three sessions spaced either weekly or fortnightly apart to begin with, as we’ve found that this has enabled more than 95% of people to find a satisfactory improvement in their condition.

A one hour session costs $100, additional half hours are $40 and $30, respectively.

This price is reduced to $40 for ACC claimants.

We further subsidise at our discretion, depending upon each persons unique situation.

Some people choose to pay for three sessions up front, and receive their fourth session for free.

We also overlap with Float Kapiti in providing a Double Medicine Deal, where you get to enjoy the benefits of both the Medicine Room and the Float Tank. An hour in each costs $150 (usually $180). Again, additional time with either medicine will yield further discount.


Well, I, for one, think it’s a good idea.

To give a gift voucher to someone.  Notably for this medicine.

(Disregarding for a moment my obvious bias; I’ve structured my life to be a journey through healing, and practice the medicine that I find softest, and strongest.)

Because, in exploring these medicines, people not only get to feel good, to feel better, they also get to enjoy the process, and have a marvelous time.

The vouchers are for either time spent lying on a “that’s the most comfortable table I’ve ever laid up on” table, experiencing a delicious selection of body- and energy-oriented medicines, or spent languidly luxuriating in one of the most delicious flotation tanks you’ve come across.

The vouchers are for 60, 90 or 120 minutes.  You could combine them, say, 90 minutes of each.  Or whatever.  So the redeemer could receive so much more than ever before.

Here’s the list of medicines that are exogenous to the float tank:

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy.
Sound Therapy.

Usually most of them are combined in some way during the course of a session.  Some may, at a persons discretion, include or exclude any of them.

So much awesomeness.  I’m jealous I don’t get to receive it myself!

Oh, and there is value for money.  From $90 upwards you get to help someone be happier.  Healthier.  Yummier.