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Welcome To Harmonious Health

You’ve found your way to a place that specialises in helping you feel better in a peaceful and pleasant way.

All the medicine on offer here is gentle and comfortable.  We can call it energetic medicine, perhaps, or subtle medicine.  It can be very deep and transformative.  It’ll most likely help you feel better, and you’ll most likely enjoy the process, too.

We use healing methods such as AcupunctureCranioSacral TherapyCrystalsCuppingMassageMoxaQigongReiki, Smudging and Sound).  We also have a Flotation Tank on-site, too.

As well as helping heal that xyz that’s causing you to suffer, you’ll find that other bits n pieces improve, too.  A general, all-round sense of improved well-being is experienced by the majority of people who sample this medicine.

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Todd W. Stewart

“I’ve been exploring and playing with healing for around 15 yearsor so, and although my main honourific is “Acupuncturist,” I merge together a variety of modalities to help people heal.  They’re all energetic-based, they’re all body-engagement based.

What started me off initially was an interest in Qi.  Energy.  This led me into Daoism and Zen philosophies, which led me to the school of Acupuncture, where I trained in QigongAcupuncture, and Tuina (Chinese medical massage).

I incorporate some Reiki, and also explore the use of crystals, plants, ancestors and spirits, and Meditation/Visualization in healing work.  Oh!  And sometimes Tibetan Singing Bowls, too!

My latest exploration has been through the lens of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which I have found to significantly enhance all the other facets of the eclectic healing menagerie that is my medicine bag.


Now, it doesn’t really matter what the health issue is called.  What’s more important is your experience of it.  That’s what I work with.

You…  and your story.

 The name of the thing gets in the way, actually.  You’re not your diagnosis or your prognosis.  You’re you, and look, your body is always trying it’s best to be healthy, and to get healthier.  I assist that.

Here are some of the ways I do that.  You can have all, any, one or none of them, if you like.  You can tell me to change things up and stop and start and so on.  I can recommend best potential treatment but ultimately you’re in charge.


We encourage people to intend on receiving three sessions spaced either weekly or fortnightly apart to begin with, as we’ve found that this has enabled more than 95% of people to find a satisfactory improvement in their condition.

A one hour session costs $100, additional half hours are $40 and $30, respectively.

This price is reduced to $40 for ACC claimants.

We further subsidise at our discretion, depending upon each persons unique situation.

Some people choose to pay for three sessions up front, and receive their fourth session for free.

We also overlap with Float Kapiti in providing a Double Medicine Deal, where you get to enjoy the benefits of both the Medicine Room and the Float Tank. An hour in each costs $150 (usually $180). Again, additional time with either medicine will yield further discount.


Email: todd@harmonioushealth.co.nz

Phone: 0800 WE HEAL   (0800 93 43 25)

Harmonious Health, 1 Manawa Ave

Raumati Beach, Kapiti 5032